Jazz Trio Videos

Jazz Trio Videos

Jazz Trio Videos


Purchase a lifetime membership for $20 to allow you to view these videos. Many more to come.

Purchase a lifetime membership for $20 to allow you to view these videos. Many more to come.

Please check Steve Wallace’s article about Jazz In The Kitchen in the Whole Note magazine.


  1. This is great, thank you. A few close friends (we feel safe with one another) can get together and listen & watch our favourite jazz guys, fondly remembering the ‘Kitchen’ sessions! Sans Patti & John sadly, and the infamous apple cake…

    Thanks again for this!

    1. Hi Paula. I’m printing your comment out for my mom. She lived to bring her cake to Jazz In The Kitchen. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Brilliant concept. Well executed. What a joy to hear/see you all again. An unexpected treat. Thanks! Keep it coming.
    Judith and Peter

    1. Thank you Judith. Many more videos in the works. Working on ‘Up Jumped Spring’ right now. So many songs – so beautifully performed.

  3. Thanks to ALL who keep on listening, it’s great to have an outlet, and the support of so many kind jazz fans.
    The band really appreciates it.

  4. Thanks very much Mark!! I am Willa McCaughan’s brother and she and Michael have shared the love for your music with us for years. We live in Calgary, wish we had a jazz radio station out here and sing your praises to all!!

  5. Hello John,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I miss the wonderful JITK events and hope you will do more after the never ending Pandemic is finally gone!

    Also, I need your help on finding the recordings from the 37th and 38th performances. They were sent with an email on March 17 2017 (I can’t believe it is that far back). At that time, I transferred the songs to a couple of CD’s and gave one to you and another to Mark Eisenman and intended to record a 3rd CD for myself. Well, I must have forgot, and now I want to hear the music again. Is there any way I could download the music using another method?

    Many thanks,
    Al Minshull

    1. Hi Al! Thank you for joining in here. One of these days Jazz In The Kitchen will roar back!

      I’d completely forgotten about those 2017 recorded concerts. I found the files and sent them to you. I’ll make them available to all of our subscribers. Great to have fresh stuff to post.

      Cheers, John

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